Krista Jones

Krista Jones was born in Statesboro, GA and graduated from Statesboro High. She came to Athens to attend UGA, where she earned a degree in Anthropology. She is a yoga teacher, childbirth educator, Life Coach and Feng Shui Consultant. She owns a consulting business called, where she helps clients with decluttering and energizing their homes, offices and lives. She lives in Pulaski Heights with her husband Trevor, daughters Ida, Vida and Lola, dog Mister Cowboy and cat ChiChi.




What inspired you or led you to your current career?


I was an anthropology major because that was fascinating to me, especially how people’s environments affected their behavior. Then, I think things really jump started when I started having babies and kids in the house, and I needed a highly functioning house. We lived in a really small space when the girls were little, so I needed it to be super efficient and functional, but I also wanted it to feel cozy, like somewhere I wanted to be, because I spend so much time there. So I definitely enjoyed the design element and creating spaces that feel yummy. Figuring out if it needs more yin in the space, if it needs to be more yang, and just how to balance it out. I enjoy the challenge that different spaces can present, just using my creative brain to come up with solutions for various spaces.


What is your favorite restaurant in Athens, and what do you love there?


I definitely have several favorites. If I had to pick my favorite nice, special occasion restaurant it would be The National. I love any soup they make, and the pizzettes are the best. For a little bit more casual feel, I love Tlaloc. I love Mexican food in general, and Tlaloc is just so good.


If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why?


So, that is tricky. I used to be a big traveler back in the day, and did a lot of traveling in Central America and Europe. I love Central America. Costa Rica especially. I went there and studied there three separate times in college and high school. I stopped travelling so much, got married and had kids. I have not been abroad since before I got married, which is crazy. Costa Rica made such an impression on me that I named my middle daughter Vida. I would say that I would probably go to either Central or South America. I love Europe, and I would love to travel there with the kids one day. But, there is something about the laid back Central American countries that always resonated with me.


What is your favorite movie, or what is the first movie you remember seeing in a theatre?


The strongest first memory was seeing E.T. It just had such a profound effect on me. I don’t exactly remember what age I was, but I was young, and I cried a lot. I need to rewatch it because I have not seen it in years. But, Elf is my favorite movie. I can watch that year round.


What advice do you find yourself giving often?


Technically, with my life coaching hat on I am not supposed to give advice. I am instead supposed to ask questions and help people give themselves their own advice. But, I think when I am just bold and whether it is a friend or my kids, I will remind them that they always have a choice. You know, if you are complaining to me about x, y or z, be it a job or whatever, people end up buying the stories they tell themselves such as “I am in this,” or “I have no choice”. Typically, you have a lot more choices than you think you have, but sometimes you need to gain a little perspective to truly understand this. Change is terrifying for folks, but always available.


If you could see any band (dead or alive) anywhere, who would it be and where?


I do love music, and love to see music live. If I could go back in time, I would definitely see Bob Marley & the Wailers. I want to be there bobbing my head in Jamaica, on the beach barefoot for sure.


What is your favorite thing to do in Athens when you are not working?


When I am not working, I love walking around campus and downtown. Just kind of pretending like I am a tourist for a minute. I also love the fact that Athens is so close to great places to go hiking. I have not quite jumped on board this semester, but last semester, I carved out Fridays for hiking days. I would go on a hike by myself and never had to drive more than sixty miles. I also love people watching from the Globe patio and running through campus with a really good upbeat playlist.


What is something interesting about you that most people don’t know?


I surprise people that I am very strong. I might not appear that way to many people, but I am very strong, physically. I am very much a DIY person. So, I can just do stuff. I just changed my flat tire this week. People were like you did that yourself?


What three words or phrases come to mind when you think of the word “home”?


Home is a little bit of a sanctuary feel. I like for my home to be inspiring, and I definitely like for it to have elements of nature. Sanctuary in a cozy way, inspiring and linking to the natural world.

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