Stevie King

Meet Stevie King! Stevie was born and raised in Athens and graduated from Cedar Shoals High School, where he was drum major for the band. He studied music at Florida State University and then returned to Athens. He works as an Executive Recruiter for Family Heritage Insurance. Stevie volunteers as a facilitator for groups of college students, adults and young people in his church community at Athens Church, and has been an active baseball parent and coach. He lives in Athens with his wife Stephanie, son Seaver and dogs Lupe, Checkers and Betty.



What is your favorite restaurant in Athens, and what do you love there?


I am not a big food guy. If we are talking about an actual favorite just based upon volume and the amount that we go there, I guess it is Carboritas. It is close by and they have tacos. It is good stuff.


What is your favorite thing to do in Athens?


My favorite thing to do in Athens is a two-pronged answer. One is just to be at the ballfield obviously doing ball stuff [at Athens Christian School]. The other is to go to church on Sundays at Athens Church.


If you could travel anywhere in the world right now where would it be and why?


Africa because, you know, black stuff. It has always been one of the places I have wanted to go. I think it would just be fascinating and historical.


What is your favorite movie? If you do not have a favorite movie?


Favorite movie is Dark Knight. What is funny is I am not a big Batman fan. I love comic book things, but I do not really dig Batman per se. But, the Dark Knight is spectacular!


What is your favorite comic book character?


The Green Lantern because when I was kid they just started writing John Stewart as The Green Lantern. He was the first black superhero that I ever saw that was not called the black something. Second, The Green Lantern is the only hero in all of herodom that is chosen. Every other hero is either from an alien planet or a rich guy or some kind of an accident. The Green Lantern and the whole Green Lantern Coprs are all chosen because of their awesome will and their strength and character.


What is your favorite piece of advice?


You can’t solve a head problem with your heart, you can’t solve a heart problem with your head and you can’t solve a spirit problem with either of those two. You have to seek the right stuff for the right situation. You have to choose the right weapon for solving said problems.


Are you a bucket list guy?


I am a list person in general. I love a list, I love scratching things off of a list. I have recently become all things Evernote and gone to complete conversion. I always keep a legal pad full of lists. But, big life things…not really. I do not need to jump out of a plane, there is not a pile of places I want to go. The only thing is I would love to play Augusta National once or Pebble Beach, one of the two.


If you could see any band or musician play, dead or alive, at The Georgia Theatre who would it be?


I have been lucky enough and managed to pull off seeing almost everybody I ever wanted to see, and most of them really at The Georgia Theatre. But, Beastie Boys I never got to see live so that would be the one. I missed them two or three times just barely, but yeah that is one of the ones I never got to see live and would love to see there.


What current or former local business makes you the most nostalgic about Athens?


Bulldog Sporting Goods. That is easy. Being born a Bulldog and then baseball through high school, I’d always be up there going to get a bat, or gloves and stuff. Tommy would be there. I did everything around that whole Georgetown Shopping Center, which isn’t even there anymore. When I got older, I got to be friends with Woody Chastain and embraced the whole Baxter Street [Bulldog Sporting Goods location] thing. Bulldog was everything childhood Athens for me.


What words or phrases come to mind when you think of the word “home”?


East Side first and foremost. I always tell my wife since we now live on the West side that West side is where you stay, East side is who you are. You can’t get it out of your blood. And heart. My heart will always be here. I don’t know what will happen. I don’t know where I am going to go or what. But there is that magical Athens thing where it just pulls you back or you can’t leave. It is just part of you. I am convinced that this was different than for other people. It was just different growing up here.

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